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Have you written a manuscript but want to make sure it's submission-ready? Have you already gotten your manuscript critiqued but aren't sure which agents or publishing houses to submit to? Do you want to make sure your query letter is good to go? I can help!

As a member of multiple critique groups and a published author, I have worked with many writers throughout the publishing process. Through the Editorial Freelance Association and a graduate of Renee M. LaTulippe's Lyrical Language Lab (an intensive on rhyme and meter), I am confident I can take your manuscript to the next level! 

At this time I am open to picture book editing only.

Mini Critique

Provides the top 3 ways to improve the manuscript, focusing on organization, flow, content, pacing, and style of the manuscript. Will look at character development, theme, mood, voice, and tone. Does not include line edits.

Line edits 

Provides line edits, paying close attention to word choice, grammar, flow, and punctuation. 

mini critique & line edit 

Provides both Mini Critique and Line Edits (see above for descriptions).

query Letter suggestions

Provides query letter edits, introducing yourself and your work to an agent or editor to capture their attention and get them excited about your story.

Pitch practice

Provides pitch edits, a 1-2 line sentence summarizing your book used for query letters and pitch contests on Twitter/X.

Book comps

Researches 2+ books that are similar to yours, either in content, style, or theme for query letters, pitches, or synopses.

agent & publisher suggestions

Compiles a list of 3+ current agents and 3+ publishing houses that match your particular story (does not guarantee to land an agent or publisher).

Follow-up video/phone call

15-minutes virtual meeting to discuss the edits and ask remaining questions.

Submission-ready bundle

Includes a complete package of all services listed above to get submission-ready!

Dazzling Light
"Leah Moser has that special editorial eye and ear - she read one of my manuscripts, found the trouble spots, and immediately offered the perfect solutions! That's a magical gift! Wherever you are on your path to publication, I highly recommend her critique services and I love that she offers many different options at very reasonable prices." 

Vivian Kirkfield

Award-winning Author, Host of #50PreciousWords International Writing Contest

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