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I would love to visit your school, library, bookstore, conference, book clubs, or creative writing groups! As a former elementary school teacher, I'm comfortable working with children of all ages. I can present to a large assembly, smaller groups (K-2, 3-6), single grades, or individual classrooms.

Please note, a teacher must be present for the duration of the visit and book sale prior to author visit is requested.

For in-person visits, if you are located 50+ miles from Northern Virginia, additional costs will be incurred. All workshops can customized for in-person and virtual visits.


Options and Pricing Guide

Simple story time
30-45 mins


An interactive read aloud of I Am a Thundercloud followed by a brief Q&A

Best for whole school or younger grades

The road to publication
45-60 mins


How did I Am a Thundercloud go from an idea to a published picture book? This interactive presentation introduces children to the creative writing process. 

Includes read aloud and time for Q&A

Best for whole school, smaller groups by grade, or classroom

Time to write workshop
45-60 mins


So...what should I write about? This workshop gets creative thoughts flowing!

Includes read aloud and time for Q&A

Best for smaller groups by grade or classroom

EMOTIONAL learning workshop
0 mins

I Am a Thundercloud is about feeling ANGRY! Experiencing emotions, like anger, is part of being human. What has made you feel angry like a thundercloud? Together, we will explore big feelings and brainstorm strategies to move forward.

Includes read aloud and time for Q&A

Best for smaller groups by grade or classroom

School Testimonials

As a published children’s author, Leah Moser brought a wealth of knowledge and inspiration as she delved into the process behind writing her captivating book, “I am a Thundercloud.” Her visit sparked curiosity and creativity among our young learners, leaving a lasting impression on each and every one of them. We’re truly grateful for Leah’s time and expertise, and for enriching the minds of our students with the magic of storytelling.

VES, Virginia

Leah Moser’s visit to our school was amazing! She shared her writing life and her first book ‘I am a Thundercloud’ with our Kindergarten and 1st grade classes and they couldn’t stop smiling. Her experience as a teacher showed, as she knew exactly how to structure her presentation and field questions from the students. We loved being one of her very first school visits and look forward to reading more of her books!

GES, Virginia

Everyone loved learning more about Leah and her creative process as a writer. Leah did such a fantastic job of connecting with and inspiring the children. This was a special experience...

HMES, Washington DC

We were lucky to have author Leah Moser visit our school and share her debut picture book, I Am a Thundercloud. The visit was geared towards our primary students in grades kindergarten through second grade but the powerful message it sends about recognizing and responding to emotions is important for all children and adults alike. Leah started by sharing her writing process and background using photos and an engaging presentation. She encouraged students to keep working towards their dreams and goals with her story of becoming a writer. The highlight of the visit was when Leah shared her book, I Am a Thundercloud. She drew the audience in with her storytelling talent and “behind the scenes” information about the book. The story in which the main character experiences anger like a thundercloud is relatable to all. It sends the message that all emotions are acceptable and that there are productive ways to work through them. In addition to the writing process presentation and reading of her book, Leah took the time to answer questions with patience and enthusiasm and sign books. The VES library has a signed copy that students are excited to check out. Leah’s author visit was one that will be remembered fondly and a highlight of the library program this school year. I highly recommend having Leah Moser visit your school to share her story and her books. 

Here are some responses from students when asked about Leah’s book: 

“It’s really awesome. It talks about feelings and how friends can help.” - 2nd grader 
“This story helped me learn what to do when I’m angry.” - 1st grader 
“I love this book. My favorite part is the friends at the end.” - Kindergartener

- VES, Virginia 

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